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Can Tabs

Can Tabs

Our Can Tab program aims to raise money through the collection of pure aluminum metal pull tabs from soda cans, which are sold to a recycler. This project is made possible thanks to the help of our wonderful volunteers who enlist schools, restaurants, organizations, churches, restaurants, senior residences and other institutions all over North America to collect the tabs and send them in to us.

Volunteers sift through all the tabs with a magnet to remove any “non” aluminum metals. The tabs are then put into large bags and transported to the refinery in the east end of Montreal. 

Over the years, the money received from the recycler has enabled the Auxiliary to renovate and furnish a family room in the Palliative Care department, and purchase equipment such as wheelchairs and shower benches.

It is amazing to see how such a small thing as a can tab can be turned into money to help our patients and residents. Please support us by collecting and sending in your tabs. Every little bit counts!